The innisfree store in Gangnam

innisfree Haul

Ah Innisfree. The first Korean beauty store I ever walked in to and forever my favourite. Whenever I walk in to an Innisfree shop I go to my happy place. Innisfree prides itself on using natural ingredients from the island of Jeju just off the coast of mainland Korea. The product packaging is always slick and everything always smells great. The stores always have this eco-natural feel which is so calming.

The innisfree store in Gangnam

My favourite scent at Innisfree is Gardenia. I am obsessed with it. I first bought the hand cream a few years ago and some of my colleagues at work tried it, loved it and became converts as well. Since then Innisfree have expanded their scent range greatly. I came in for the hand cream but then I discovered that Innisfree now has home scents like candles and diffusers. So I bought the Gardenia diffuser and it.smells.wonderful.

Our flat is on the 8th floor and doesn’t have many windows so can at times get a bit stuffy so I wanted something to make the place smell fresher. Or at least that’s the story I’m telling myself. And Steve.

I then bought the innisfree Body Lotion in Gardenia as well which again smells divine and is highly moisturising – I love it. Perfect for a pamper session!

innisfree Body Lotion in Gardenia

I did in fact get the innisfree Hand Cream and also got the Peony one as well. Jo Malone’s Peony Blush Suede is what I wore on my wedding day so I love the smell of it. And just as I expected, this too smells delightful. These little tubes are so great for popping in the handbag, they last a surprisingly long time and I’m fairly sure all of them smell delicious.

Innisfree also have a collection of antibacterial gels – one of which was Gardenia so obviously I bought that as well. In fact I think the only Gardenia things I didn’t buy was the body wash (because it was sold out), and the rollerball (which I only later discovered from another beauty instagrammer!)

Innisfree has a great range of masks, hair masks, face masks, foot masks, sleeping packs, hand masks you name it. I was planning on doing a pamper session on the weekend so decided to buy some to try out.

I bought the innisfree Camelia Essential Hair Mask pack, the innisfree Rose Sheet Mask and innisfree Foot Softening Mask (yes that’s a thing here). I have yet to try out the hair mask and foot mask but I love the sheet masks at Innisfree and as they didn’t have a Gardenia mask, I settled for Rose.

Innisfree also has a wall of capsules which at first, I didn’t know what it was for. Then I read online that they have a mixture of sleeping masks and wash off face masks in these great little capsules. These are useful for travelling or for just trying out.

innisfree capsule recipe pack

I bought the Seaweed (revitalising), Green tea (moisturising), and the Volcanic Clay (pore minimising). Each capsule has about 2-3 uses and comes in a handy re-sealable pack for easy storage. I have only tried the Seaweed pack but noticed a huge difference in my skin the next day.

I also got a pack of my favourite face wipes from the Olive Oil collection – innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue. These are great because they are essentially like using a cleansing oil but easier and less faff. A lot of face wipes can be quite drying to your skin whereas these ones gently remove all traces of make up. Perfect when I can’t be bothered or come home late after a few too many sojus!

innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue

On to make up. I bought a couple of my favourite products from their innisfree No Sebum range – the Blur Primer and the Blur Powder. Most people rave about the blur powder white version (similar to the Makeup Forever HD Powder) but I find that sometimes it makes my face look a bit washed out so I wanted to try this version which is skin-toned. I haven’t tried it yet as I am still waiting to finish the Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder which I reviewed in my Skinfood Haul but I am sure it will be good. The blur primer is good and again is a much raved about product here in Korea but it still, for me, does’t compare to the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur which is my all time favourite base primer.

I’ve been meaning to try Innisfree cushions for a while and I am always so amazed when I see their wall of personalised cases. At Innisfree, you select which BB cushion you want and then buy a case – they come in all different patterns and colours. I opted for the innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion which I am saving for the winter time when my skin will appreciate the moisture this cushion offers. And I opted for this polka dot case 🙂

The last product I got was this innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in Cocktail Orange, a lovely vibrant coral colour. The tint lasts quite a while but can be a bit drying on the lips, it needs topping up after about two hours. The lipstick smells great though and I just really love the colour. It goes on very easily (and creamy like the name suggests), however I would say the finish is more matte.

Innisfree can be a bit hit and miss with samples. One time I didn’t get any which is the first time I have ever had that happen. I was not happy. Granted I only bought a couple face masks which cost hardly anything but usually, no matter what you spend, they will always give you a bunch of samples to try. However, this time the saleswoman gave me quite a few to try out:

I received:

  • 3 x samples of the Cherry Blossom Body Wash (I think she thought I should try another scent other than Gardenia. I get the hint)
  • 3 x Aloe Vera Sheet Masks
  • 4 x Green Tea Seed Serum (holy grail product)
  • 2 x Green Tea Cleansing Foam
  • 2 x Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam (another holy grail product)
  • 1 x Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (this is their bestseller but I’ve never actually tried it)
  • Green Tea Balancing Special Kit including Toner, Lotion and Cream.

I keep meaning to try more of the make up from Innisfree but I always think of it more as a skincare shop. Would Innisfree products would you recommend?