Too Cool for School Dinoplatz

Too Cool for School Haul

Too Cool for School is another Korean brand, renowned for it’s funky, artistic packaging. The brand partners up with a lot of upcoming and leading illustrators and designers to create a fun, stand-out brand identity. You can spot a Too Cool for School store a mile away. It just looks, well, cool.

Too Cool for School now has stores in the US and I believe recently has started selling certain product lines in Selfridges. It’s a little bit more expensive than the other Korean beauty stores like Etude House, Innisfree and Skinfood but in my opinion, is still reasonable for the quality it offers.

One of the collections that has come out in the last year is their Dinoplatz collection which features an all-in-one make up box . After trekking around what felt like all the Too Cool for School stores in Seoul, I finally got my hands on the Dinoplatz UFO Multibox. Even though it came out summer 2015, it’s been so raved about that it’s difficult to come by – it was sold out in the Myeongstore and Hongdae stores that I went in to.

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz UFO Multibox

As to be expected from Too Cool for School the box is super cute. The square compact makes it stand out among the sea of round BB cushion compacts. The multi box comes in two shades – 21 and 23. I opted for the darker shade 23, although it is still a bit too pale for me. The coverage is quite light but it definitely gives that Korean ‘glow’ and I’m all for the lightweight consistency. It’s not my favourite BB cushion but it definitely does the trick and is a great addition to my ever-expanding collection.

Coming out from underneath the cushion is a nifty little trio of pore balm, concealer and lip / cheek tint. The pore balm is ok, it minimises fine lines and smooths out the area ahead of BB cream application but it’s so tiny you can only really use it on the areas that require the most attention (for me, under my eyes and nose). However, I really love the concealer. It blends in easily, brightens up the under eye area and covers blemishes well. The lip / cheek tint is ok but not the colour I would normally go for, it’s a bit pale on my lips and quite drying but fine to use as a blush. Pink eyeshadow is in right now in Korea so you could use it as an eyeshadow as well.

The next product that I got was a pack of products from the egg range (Egg-Essential Skincare Set); arguably their most famous range. Egg is used in a lot of Korean beauty products, it’s great at tightening pores, brightening skin and amazing for your hair.

This skincare set came with the Egg Mousse Soap, Egg mellow Cream, the Pore Cleansing Brush and an Egg Cream Mask.

The egg mousse soap is a gentle cleanser infused with egg yolk that helps hydrate your skin. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped of essential oils which is good and lathers up nicely. It’s not great at removing make up but certainly a great addition to my double cleanse routine. (Double cleansing, for those that don’t know is the Korean beauty method of removing your make up and impurities with a cleansing oil/balm first, before going in again with a foaming or gel cleanser).

The egg mellow cream is a game changer for me. I love it. Suitable for dry, oily and combination skin it claims to help speed up your skincare regime but acting as a serum, primer, eye cream and moisturiser all in one. It can also be used as a sleeping mask (providing intense hydration to your skin over night). Anything that reduces the time required for my skincare regime I am all for. The cream smells great, seeps in to the skin easily, brightens my complexion and leaves my skin feeling nourished. I will definitely by buying more of this!

I have yet to try the egg cream mask but I have heard great things about the Too Cool for School mask range. Which is why I bought this set:

I mean how cute is this – it’s a recipe book! There are three tabs – one for hydration, one for pore tightening and one for firming. Each tab includes an overview of the ingredients for each mask and 2 x sheet masks. The hydration mask contains ingredients like egg yolk and coconut extract. The pore tightening one contains witch hazel and vinegar and the firming one contains things such as shea butter and collagen. Well I don’t know about you but that all sounds wonderful to me!

This next product is a new release from Too Cool for School and I felt I was somewhat pressured in to purchasing it from the saleswoman (although I’m glad I did because it’s awesome).

Too Cool for School Air Sun Primer

Koreans are obsessed with SPF and suncream. Most BB creams contain at least SPF 30 and suncream is usually one of their essential steps in their skincare regime. I never realised the importance of using suncream on my face (even in cloudy, rainy weather) but boy does it make a difference. I always thought that it was just to maintain that coveted ‘paleness’ that is so popular in Asia but it actually has made a difference to my skin. Now, when I first heard about using SPF on your face everyday I thought YUCK. Sticky, white gloop on my face that smells like, well suncream, isn’t what I thought would be good for my skin! But surprise surprise, as with any Korean beauty invention, the have found a way to avoid that! There are two products in the range, one for dry skin (Air Sun Essence) which is highly moisturising and one for combination/oily skin (Air Sun Primer). As you can see, I opted for the latter. This great product is a suncream (SPF 50+ PA+++) and primer in one. It’s the perfect base for your foundation or BB cream, seeps in to the skin like a dream, is incredibly lightweight and smells really fresh.

The consistency is quite watery, none of that thick gloop that I was expecting, and reduces the appearance of fine lines making it the perfect base for your make up. Oh yeah, did I mention the smell? The scent is wonderfully fresh but not too overpowering and not at all like the suncream I’m used to putting on my face back home!

Another summer essential is this face mist that was new in stores as well.

Too Cool for School Coconut Mist

Now I am a sucker for anything coconut related. So when I saw this, it was already in my basket before the saleswoman even had a chance to explain what it was. Face mists are an essential in this Seoul heat and many use it to either cool themselves down, refresh and moisturise their skin or to help give that plump, dewy glow. But the ones I’ve tried so far make my face look like I’ve just been saved from a drowned wreckage. The Laneige one, I’ve resorted to using as a toner because the spray was just too strong to be considered as a mist! This one goes on very fine, smells divine and gives my skin a boost on the go. I’ve used it as a toner, to set my make up, to give my skin a dewy glow, and before bed as a little aromatherapy.

So in my head I wanted to stop there. I only came in to see if they had the Dinoplaz UFO Multibox and my basket was getting quite full. Walking to the cashier though there was a travel size of the Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. So in the basket that went.

Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Mask

This is a great night cream and the fact that there was a diddy travel version, well, I had to get it. For the record, their pumpkin sheet masks are also fantastic as well.

And then I passed the new Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara display.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara

I mean, LOOK AT IT!

Now I don’t wear mascara usually, partly because I can’t be arsed to clean it off my face in the evening but as my eye lashes are non existent I thought to myself (eh hem…gave myself the excuse) that I really ought to buy a mascara. I grabbed the little tester wands and tried it on and it really did lengthen my lashes. And then I realised why it was called ‘twisty tail’. You can change the shape of the wand to get in to these little eyelashes in the corners of your eyes! You can set it straight, curved and very curved.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara

Another great example of Korean innovation which no doubt I’m sure other brands will be following soon. Later I realised that the mascara doesn’t budge an inch, even when I wore it to the gym!

So after popping the mascara in to my basket I was really, truly done this time.

I mentioned the amount of samples that Korean beauty shops usually give out and Too Cool for School is one of the most generous (along with Etude House). The saleswoman, despite being a tad pushy with the Air Sun Primer was very helpful, gave thoughtful recommendations and spoke great English (which is rare here). Because I spent over a certain amount (and I told her just how fantastic her English was), I received this cute little make up bag and a WHOLE lot of samples.

Too Cool For School Samples

I received:

  • 2 x Replenish Hydra Essential Toner and Serum
  • 2 x Replenish Aqua Soft Peeling
  • 2 x Pore Minimising Serum
  • 2 x Ultra Rich Intensive Cream
  • 4 x Get Ready Dual Primer
  • 2 x Watery Skin BB Foundation SPF 37 PA ++
  • 2 x Egg Mellow Body Butter
  • 3 x Egg Remedy Hair Pack (I used this yesterday and it is amazing)
  • 2 x Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack
  • 2 x McGirly Come Clean Face Wash
  • 2 x McGirly Rice Scrub
  • 1 x Deluxe Sample Glossy Blaster Tint in Chic Red (very moisturising, long-lasting and smells like fruit). My new favourite lip product.

So that was it for this haul. Too Cool for School was a brand that I never really looked in to before but now I am hooked. All the products I have tried have been really great quality. I now really want to check out more of their make up range as I was so impressed with the concealer and glossy blaster tint! What are your favourite Too Cool for School products?