Joan Kim and Edward Avila

An afternoon with Troiareuke

Last week I was invited to attend an event hosted by Korean skincare brand Troiareuke. I had heard about Troiareuke before, in particular their popular ‘Acsen Oil Cut Cleanser’, however I had never tried any of their products. The event was in collaboration with popular K beauty bloggers Joan and Edward Avila so as you can imagine, I was pretty excited!

The Event

The event was held at the Skypark Hotel Kingstown in Dongdaemun, which is situated above the Hyundai Outlets. On the 14th floor, there is a Troiareuke shop where you can purchase their products; this is where the event was held. I believe they also have a store in Myeongdong as well. On arrival, we registered, picked up our information packs, sat down and ate yummy food and drank yummy drinks. I was just staring at the product displays desperate to get my hands on them and try them out!

Andy, who works for Troiareuke was our MC for the day and was so accommodating and funny. We started the event with a talk from a skincare professional who shared her skincare tips for Autumn. Her skin was so luminous and glowing that I figured I ought to listen carefully and take some mental notes!

Troiareuke GPS Mask

She talked about the four changes your skin experiences during the fall: dry skin, dead skin cells, pigmentation and elasticity. To combat this she suggested using sheet masks, in particular the GPS mask from Troiareuke wich we all received a sample of. The GPS mask is a cellulose mask that restores skin and hones in on the areas of the face that require moisture and nutrition. What I like about the mask is that it comes with an Oxygen cleanser sample and their popular Cell Energy cream as well as the sheet mask. Essentially it’s a professional facial all in one pack and I cannot wait to try it. She also said that the masks are good to use on long haul flights when your skin can dry up so that’s what I’m saving mine for!

Trying Troiareuke

Following the talk, she gave a demonstration of the V-line treatment on one of the attendees. The first step was to select a colour best suited to the girls skin – blue, green, yellow or red. This would dictate the line of products that would be used for the facial. As the girl had acne skin, the colour blue was chosen which contains Catechin extract and is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial (I’ll talk more about the other colours later). Using a mixture of Troiareuke products, including their Acsen Oil Cut Cleanser, Skin Complex Formula and Acne Blue Ampoule the girls skin appeared less red, her face more lifted and glowing. She also used a porcelain tool (in blue as well) to massage the girls face and neck. Facial massages are huge in Korea and is believed to help drain the lymph nodes therefore getting rid of toxins in the body.

Troiareuke Demo

We had a Q&A session with Eddie and Joan and there was also a lot of giveaways. Joan and Eddie were so hilarious and really great at answering questions honestly and giving advice. I asked Eddie if he could choose only one Pony Effect product what would he choose – he said the cushion so I will have to purchase this! I was also amazed that the staff at Troiareuke gave out about 20 of their full size bestselling products, as well as 10,000 won gift vouchers! Unfortunately I think I was about the only person in the room that didn’t receive any products! 😫 A lot of the girls received the H+ Healing Cushion which is one of their bestsellers, as well as ampoules and essences. But I did receive a 5,000 won gift voucher which I was determined to use.

Joan Kim and Edward Avila

Following the Q&A we had a chance to get our photos taken with Joan and Eddie and also try out the products. Seeing as I didn’t receive any free products (*sob sob*), I had a brief consultation with one of the Troiareuke staff about my skin and what would be the best products to try. She kindly explained the different colours and chose green for me. Yellow is used for brightening and purifying the skin and is good for any discolouration and hyper pigmentation. The red is anti-ageing and helps give skin a boost of elasticity and reduces wrinkles. The green is anti-trouble and is used to help calm the skin, reduce any redness and help soothe.

Troiareuke Colour Therapy

To help choose your colour, we had to close our eyes and upon opening pick the colour that first stood out for us. The colours are also used to help identity your current emotional state. Blue, the acne line, can be a sign of stress. Red, the anti-ageing line, a sign of tiredness. She recommended green as my skin was in a fairly decent condition, no acne, few lines but apparently I needed some ‘calm’. Almost like a psychic she somehow knew that I hadn’t had much sleep recently and that I have something emotional on my mind (my birth family search). Sold! I purchased the Skin Complex Formula Toner, the Green Ampoule and the big size of the Ascen Oil Cut Cleanser. Products I still want to try from their range include the Cell Energy Cream, Acsen TOC Toner and Hydro Essence.

Troiareuke Thoughts

My first impressions were that this brand means business – they take skincare seriously. Their products use natural ingredients and are based on scientific research. Their motto is skincare first – even their popular BB cushion is technically a skincare cushion as opposed to makeup. There was no gimmicky ingredients, just a slick, clinical, gentle, high performing range of products. They consider themselves a ‘customised prescription skincare brand’ providing individuals with tailored products based on their skincare needs. None of their products are stripping which a lot of Western products are. Whenever I try a toner that wreaks of alcohol I cringe – all that does is strip the skins natural moisture, irritating your skin even more! Another concept that resonated with me is their motto of ‘today’s skin’. The skincare professional who gave the talk said that our skin changes on a daily basis, some days we are outside and exposed to the sun, others our skin may be dry due to air con, heaters etc. Basically, a lot of external factors affect our skin on a daily basis. It is all about knowing your skin, identifying any daily nuances and treating it accordingly using a range of products. Some days I may need to use a UV protectant, some days I may need to use an ampoule, some days a pore mask. If you’re in tune with your skin and tailor your regime accordingly then the condition of your skin will improve. Amen!

I’ve only been using the Troiareuke products I bought for a few days now but have already noticed a big difference in my skin. It feels more moisturised, smoother and clearer. I won’t lie, the products are expensive, however, when comparing them to Western brands like Kiehls and Elemis, I think they are far superior. I will write a full review of the Acsen Oil Cut Cleaner, Green Ampoule and Skin Complex Toner soon. I definitely can’t wait to try more products from this brand!

Joan Kim and Edward Avila

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